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Through its various operating subsidiaries, Pinsly provides rail service to small and large shippers and receivers alike, serving more than 100 customers throughout its system. Pinsly railroads handle product for major industries such as AmeriGas, Anderson Columbia, Coca Cola, Duke Energy, Frito-Lay, Logan Aluminum, Lowes, and Yankee Candle.

Consistent quality rail service is the standard for all customers, whether it is one carload or 100-car unit trains. Pinsly operating companies have received a variety of awards, including the Coca-Cola Partnership Award, the CSX Partnershipping Award, Modern Railroad’s Marketing Achievement Award in the Golden Freight Car Competition, the ASLRRA Marketing Award, Railway Age’s Short Line of the Year, the CSX Industrial Development Award, and Lowe’s Gold Carrier Award.

As common carriers, Pinsly Railroads are conversant and compliant with FRA, AAR, state, and local rules affecting railroad operations. All management, operating, mechanical, and maintenance-of-way personnel are qualified on appropriate operating, safety, and hazmat rules. Many of Pinsly’s crews are qualified to operate on Class I carrier tracks and yards.

Pinsly management is very active in government affairs and has successfully secured federal and state financial assistance for track rehabilitation and track relocation projects in our regions. Pinsly supports the key element of successful rail operations – reliable, efficient service at competitive transportation rates.

Pinsly operates short line railroads in Florida and Massachusetts and also operates Railroad Distribution Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary specializing in warehousing and transloading.

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